Company Overview

KSJ Construction (Pvt) Ltd is a remarkably leading Construction Company in Sri Lanka that serves the economical infrastructure sector in the country as well as a leading and innovative construction company in the tourism sector in Maldives and Male.

The company accesses the core requirements of the clients through the expertise they have gathered over the years.

As a consequence of the confidence and the trust our clients kept on us, the company has been able to lead the construction sector in the country as one of the most excellent company which has widened its service to several foreign countries enhancing its scope of expertise. For the company to reach the height of success it has reached today, the journey was challenging, exciting, rewarding yet a learning experience for the team to fortify the service of the company. Until the company reaches to be a world renowned

The company was able sustain in the construction industry preserving the integrity of the valued clients through being responsible to hand them over a quality establishment with life time warranty and implementing new technological aspects to ensure the quality and the durability of the outcome.

With the long years of experience, our key focus will be on strongly believing in the lifetime value of clients and retaining them as long and becoming their trusted partners by providing them with innovative solutions coupled with genuine care and value additions for their building needs.

We attempt to reach the success of the company by ensuring the success of the clients through our experiences, expertise and professionalism.