KSJ Construction pride itself for being a total construction solution provider for both Sri Lankan and overseas customers. Within a relatively short period of time the company experienced a rapid growth from a small contractor in undertaking and completing major nation and even overseas construction projects.

The journey has been challenging and at the same time a great learning experience for all of us. Every new project forced us to learn new skills and adopt new technologies to deliver an exceptional quality final creation. Today KSJ has grown and spread its wings even in the international arena posing both a challenge and a benchmark to the long standing giants in the construction industry.

We realized there are several factors for this remarkable success- the underlying philosophy, the people and the commitment to continuous improvement. We believe the customers are the most important people to consider and we focus on the lifetime value of the customers and the values we add to their lives in the long run. Further, the management and leadership have enabled the company to envision the challenges and prepare in advance to successfully face and overcome those challenges.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the dedicated and motivated staff of the KSJ Construction. They are the chief asset and the backbone of the company to confidently undertake and delivering exceptional quality construction projects. The organization implements schemes to guarantee the occupational health and safety of our staff and offer incentives and rewards for personal and professional development.

We envision travelling a long journey in the industry while integrating the modern technologies and understanding and exceeding the expectations of the customer with trendsetting construction solutions.