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Welcome To KSJ Constructions

KSJ Construction (Pvt) Ltd is a remarkably leading Construction Company in Sri Lanka that serves the economical infrastructure sector in the country as well as a leading and innovative construction company in the tourism sector in Maldives and Male. The company accesses the core requirements of the clients through the expertise they have gathered over the years.

What We Do

The company was able sustain in the construction industry preserving the integrity of the valued clients through being responsible to hand them over a quality establishment with life time warranty and implementing new technological aspects to ensure the quality and the durability of the outcome.

Why Choose US

Proven Excellence

The excellence of KSJ Construction has been recognized and awarded by the national governing bodies of the construction.

State of the Art Machineries

We have invested in acquiring, employing and maintaining state of the art machinery and equipment used in the international construction industry.

Global Presence

Though KSJ is relatively a newcomer to the construction industry, we have experienced an aggressive growth by undertaking and successfully completing a number of construction.
Being one of the leading construction companies in the world delivering a quality product on time.
Our Vision
Incorporating modern technology in the construction process and introducing modern construction machineries and equipment to the national construction industry .
Our Mission

Looking for a quality and affordable constructor for your next project?

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